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Being an allergy parent is so exhausting right?!

Are you tired of feeling ANXIOUS & CONFUSED about what's best for your child?

Are you feeling unsupported with your child's allergies?

Are you frustrated or OVERWHELMED & don't know where to turn to?

Are you fed up with scrolling through the internet in the middle of the night looking for anything that might help your child?

Self-belief goes out the window, criticism and feelings of judgement creep in.


“Time is a great healer” you’re told. 


"Well that doesn’t help with the right here, right now!"

Wouldn't it be good to have something that has useful, relevant and up to date information in one place to guide you with your child's allergies?

Well look no further!


Welcome to The Allergy Survival Bundle

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What's Included?

9 PDF info




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All for ONLY £10

No more scrolling through the mountains of conflicting info, no more 'rabbit in the headlight' moments or feeling drained.


Parenthood is tough at the best of times.

Add allergies into the mix and WOW!

How does it work?

Your 'Allergy Survival Bundle' gives you ease and confidence to tackle everyday life with 9 info bundles.

Your webinars offer you the chance to learn about topics that often worry parents.


YES, you CAN feel EXCITED about your parenting journey.

I hate saying this but, usually the allergy journey isn't a short one


with guidance and lots of support you will have direction and guidance.

You will be able to fully embrace those smiles and giggles as your child feels the

love and confidence

coming from you.

You will feel heard, seen and understood....which as a parent, is what we need and crave!

With ideas and strategies the harder times get easier, the

daunting moments lessen & your child has the best chance to grow up

healthy, energetic and thriving!

For those moments when it all gets a bit much there is an Empowerment track to keep you moving forward.

A little bit about me and what I do


I answer to Mum, Mummy, You There, I Want a Snack & Mamma

But you can call me Erica!

I'm Scottish but was brought up in Andorra (Pyrenees) for winters and Scotland in the summers.

My loves include chocolate (dairy free of course),  walks with my dogs , sunshine and dancing around my kitchen with the boys (in my mind I'm sure I could give Beyoncé a run for her money).

I have two amazing, energetic, exhausting boys, Jack (8yrs old) and Olly (6yrs old) and married my hubby over 10 years ago.

I have always loved helping people and supporting them in any way I can. This has lent itself well to all my varying jobs over the years; Ski Coach, Antenatal & Hypnobirthing Practitioner, and Massage Therapist.

I created The Allergy Health Coach in August 2020 (why not start a business in a pandemic!) but I have been supporting parents and their kids with allergies for the last 5 years.

I am dairy & gluten free and my husband is allergic to Brazil nuts (and free from many other foods too). 


The boys are free from dairy, soya, eggs, wheat, beef, coconut and Jack is anaphylactic to many nuts.

We live and breath a life centred around allergies and all the implications of that.

Allergies can be really tough to deal with, they take no prisoners.

You shouldn’t have to go through this journey alone!

This Survival Bundle is your chance to take ACTION.


With everything you need to know in one place you will have more time with your little one making memories, making time for YOU and overall giving you the confidence to 

Believe in Yourself

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