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Get your completely FREE Halloween Treat Guide

Treats that you can make at home, that are safe for your kids.

These simple to follow recipes and designs are: 

- Free from the main food allergens ( Dairy, Soya,Wheat, Eggs and All Nuts)

- Easy and quick to make

- Fun to make with your kids

- Completely FREE! Just click the button above or below to get your copy NOW!

No need for kids with allergies to miss out on tasty and fun treats.

Halloween Treats!

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Get your completely FREE Halloween Treat Guide

A little bit about me and what I do

I want to be that guidance, support and listening ear that I never had. Parents shouldn’t have to go through this alone and that’s where I come in.


I’ve walked the road you’re on now…and I’ve done it twice! My boys are now positive, happy (minus the usual tantrums) and two of the most energetic boys I know. They understand allergies and what it means for them. They keep most of the adults around them on their toes when it comes to food. It’s normal life for them and they don’t miss out, I just need to be creative!


Becoming a mother or father is a huge transition in life all on its own. With allergies thrown into the mix life can be overwhelming and stressful.


With the support of the Allergy Health Coach your family, like mine, can thrive and prosper.

Hallow back.png
Get your completely FREE Halloween Treat Guide
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